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Original music used by:

I’ve been writing and recording original music in a wide variety of genres for the best part of 25 years. I’ve also been lucky enough to be part of many amazing co-writing sessions.

I regularly co-write TV tunes with Grammy Award winning engineer Isha Erskine and our music has been featured in multiple TV shows that have aired on CBS, BBC, Channel4, Nickelodeon, EvineLive and ITV.

Ocean Blue - Nagavalli

Nagavalli and I co-wrote this song for her new album Numinosum. On this track I played bass, acoustic & electric guitar, percussion and harmony vocals. 

UT Anthem - Nagavalli featuring Candy Sanders

Nagavalli and I wrote this song together and we recorded it in my home studio. I provided acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, bass and harmonies. 

Move On by Isha Erskine and Katie Marie 

I played bass and sang all the vocal parts, Isha programmed drums, keys, bass and mixed the track. 

With You Always by Isha Erskine and Katie Marie

This track was used in 3 episodes of The Young and the Restless. I played drums and sang all the vocal parts, Isha played keys, bass and mixed the track.

Not Over You by Katie Marie

This is back when I used to do my own acoustic singer/songwriter thing many moons ago :) I wrote and recorded this track at Tonstudio in Germany. I played cajon / percussion, bass and acoustic guitar and sang all the vocal parts. Elli Erl played keys.

Ginger Leigh - Never Gonna Let You GoArtist Name
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Never Gonna Let You Go by Ginger Leigh 

I wrote this song for Ginger's album Hey! Funky You and played drums, bass and acoustic guitar on this recording. 

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