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“Katie Marie is the best producer I have ever worked with! She knows her stuff, has amazing musical and production chops, and is the most delightfully supportive musical partner I could have asked for. Each track on my new album is a true creative collaboration, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else on future projects.” – Harriet Reynolds

I've been having fun recording music for the past 25 years and absolutely love what I do :) 

My production style is very organic and for the most part I record real instruments played live. My main goal is always to make a track sound emotive, authentic and unique. 


I often work with artists and songwriters one-on-one, where we record their parts (e.g. vocals and guitar), then I myself add extra instrumentation (drums, percussion, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, keys, vocals). If any extra instruments are needed (such as cello or pedal steel), I'm extremely fortunate to have access to some fantastic musicians here in Austin.

I am available for hire as a producer or instrumentalist, and I can record individual instruments remotely. 

I have 2 Full Song Production Packages available:

 Essential Package

I will record your song in my home studio.
I'll add drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keys and vocals where needed. 

You are welcome to send me your recorded parts and let me add all the relevant instrumentation, or I can create a track for you to play / sing to. 


Once recorded, your track will be fully mixed and mastered. 

This is a perfect option for anyone on a budget, or if this is your first time getting your music professionally recorded. 

Contact me for more info. 

If you only have lyrics, I can totally write music for you. Don't worry if you haven't got a great sounding recording to send me, I'm often sent demos that have been recorded on a mobile phone. Get in touch and tell me more about your project!

Deluxe Package


I will record your song at Blue Rock Studio, a beautiful location studio in the heart of the Texas hill country. 

Blue Rock has a Neve 5088 console and tons of incredible outboard gear. They have 2 live rooms and an iso booth, all of which sound amazing. They also have an impressive collection of microphones, as well as a Yamaha C7 grand piano and an original Wurlitzer 206A electric piano. 

I'll add drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keys and vocals where needed. If extra instrumentation is needed, I have access to world-class musicians at a fantastic rate. 

With this option, you can come to Blue Rock and record your parts (it will be an experience you won't forget!). If you live outside of Texas, Blue Rock has accommodation on site, with beautiful views of the hill country.


If it's easier for you to record your parts and send them over to me, no problem! With this package, I can record all instruments to an extremely high standard.  


Once recorded, your track will be mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning engineers (Neilson Hubbard, Isha Erskine). 

With this option, I can offer a beautiful sounding recording at a fantastic rate. 

Get in touch and tell me more about your project. 

Here are samples of albums I've been involved with as well as a list of recent projects I have been part of: 

Jimmy LaFave - Peacetown  

(drums on 13 tracks, recorded at Cedar Creek Studio)

Phil Gould - Open Wide (from the album Beautiful Wounds)

(acoustic guitar)

Ginger Leigh - Hey Funky You (recorded at Ameripolitan Studio)

(I played drums and bass guitar on 6 tracks, I also co-wrote Stranger, Hey Funky You and the sample track below Never Gonna Let You Go, which I wrote for the album as well as playing drums and bass guitar)

Recent Projects (2021)

Harriet Reynolds - Full Album 

Recorded at Blue Rock

Katie Marie; producer, drums & percussion, bass, electric & acoustic guitar, keys, harmonies, mandolin. 



Nagavalli - Full Album

Recorded at Blue Rock

Katie Marie; producer, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, harmonies. 

James Lee Baker - EP

Recorded at Blue Rock

Katie Marie; drums / percussion and harmonies. 

Tricia Fox - Full Album

Recorded at Blue Rock

Katie Marie; drums / percussion. 

Vanessa Lively - Truth Is

Recorded at Congress House Studio

Katie Marie; bass and percussion. 

Nichole Wagner 

2 Songs recorded at Blue Rock

Katie Marie; producer, drums, bass, guitar, harmonies. 

Nagavalli featuring Candy Sanders - UT Anthem

Recorded at KM home studio

Katie Marie; producer, drums, bass, acoustic guitar and harmonies.